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contact angle-DSA-X contact angle-DSA-X TF200 optical thickness gauge TF200 optical thickness gauge Fully automatic integral inclined contact angle Fully automatic integral inclined contact angle Automatic Contact Angle Automatic Contact Angle

About Us

Guangzhou Betop Scientific Ltd. It is a supplier dedicated to providing advanced experimental and analytical instruments and equipment to high-tech enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities. We not only provide products, but also help customers get advanced and reliable technical services and solutions in the process of testing, analysis and production.
      From the day of its establishment, we regard "Touch the future" as the core concept of the company's long-term development. Our customers are the technological leaders in their respective industries; our agent brand is a world-renowned brand. The quality and technical performance of our products have already won the unanimous praise and trust of the industry and users. Some products have become the technological leaders in their fields, such as BETOP Beto scientific independent product contact angle measuring instrument, white light interference film thickness gauge;
       Microscope and electron microscope pretreatment equipment and so on.
Our strengths and focus are on material testing, including the analysis of material structure, element distribution, surface characteristics, physicochemical properties and optical and electrical properties.
       We also pay attention to the field of life and health, and provide necessary instruments for life science and medicine, such as single cell analyzer, single cell sequencer, biomicroscopy, Raman spectrometer, flow centrifuge, PCK instrument, centrifuge and so on.


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