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Contact angle measuring instrument

Fully automatic integral inclined contact angle

Main parameters

Fixed sample table size:100mm*100mm

Tilt Angle Accuracy:0.01°

Inclination range:0-90°


DSA-X ROLL fully automatic inclined optical contact angle measuring instrument is designed and manufactured by Betop Scientific. It is equipped with advanced high-resolution industrial camera and LED cold light source to obtain high-definition image and obtain accurate test data through calculation and fitting with new optimized software. The instrument is driven by high precision and large torsion stepping motor, which makes the measurement of high precision tilt angle maintain high stability, from dropping to rotation, automatic control throughout the whole process, automatic capture of rolling instantaneous pictures, with automatic locking function.


Instrument characteristics

●Convenient software and hardware operation, fast and skilled Mastery
●High speed and high resolution industrial camera
●Manual or software controlled precision electric injection Unit
●Various calculation and fitting methods, automatic baseline recognition function
●Intelligent image recognition, anti-jamming
●Automatic video playback function, accurate selection of data acquisition points
●Multi-format data export function, one-click export experiment report
●Various measurement functions and optional modules
●Perfect matching of production line quality control and laboratory research & development

●Dynamic and static contact angle measurement
●Calculation of Free Energy of Solid Surface and Its Composition
●Measurement of Surface/Interfacial Tension of Liquid by Suspended Droplet Method
●Calculation and analysis of adhesion work
●Research on Adhesion Force and Stability in the Process of Adhesion and Coating

●Evaluation of the effect of surface treatment
●Research on Adhesion Force and Stability in the Process of Adhesion and Coating
●Wettability test of plastics, glass, ceramics, paper and other materials
●Quality Control of Semiconductor Chips
●Surface cleanliness test





Main parameter

●Tilt Angle Accuracy:0.01° 

●Inclination range:0-90° 

●Inclination angle, rolling angle, forward angle, backward angle

●Contact angle measurement range: 0-180°
●Contact angle measurement accuracy: ±0.1° 
●Measurement range of surface interfacial tension: 0-1000mN/m 
●Measuring accuracy of surface interfacial tension: 0.01mN/m
●Optical system: 0.7-4.5x, adjustable focal length
●Camera speed: Video speed 210 images per second, 130 pixels
●Camera Angle: ±4° Adjustable
●Titration accuracy: 0.01μl
●Titration system movement X-Y: 100 mm Z:100 mm
●Contact angle measurement methods: dynamic and static contact angle, rolling angle
●Contact angle analysis methods: six common fitting methods
●Surface Energy Measurement: OWRK Fowkes Method Wu Method Van Oss Method
●Sample table size: 100mm x 100mm
●Sample table movement
  X-Y-Z: triaxial direction 100mm×100mm×50mm (optional)
●Maximum sample size: 300 x oo x 160 mm (W x D x H)