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Transmittance reflectance measuring instrument

Transmissivity Measuring Instrument RT100

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Place of Origin:China


RT100 transmittance and reflectance meter supports transmittance and reflectance measurements. Spectral curves are given. It can be used to measure the transmittance and reflectance of samples in the ultraviolet to near infrared bands (the widest range is 200-2500 nm). With the integrated design, the sample bin can be completely closed and the influence of external light can be minimized. The software is simple and easy to use. It can automatically judge whether the measurement results are qualified or not.
RT100 is widely used in optical glass, film, display, touch screen, mobile phone cover and other industries. It is equipped with integrating sphere, which can be used to measure reflection and transmission spectra of samples with rough surface, such as condenser glass, ground glass, etc.


●Flexible transmission/reflection measurement scheme
●Extremely wide spectral measurement range: 200-2500 nm;
●Simple, easy to operate, easy to replace samples for testing
●It can support the measurement mode with and without integrating sphere.
●Adopting high precision spectral measurement technology, it has high accuracy, fast measurement speed and good stability.
●With self-calibration and calibration functions, it is convenient for users to calibrate and calibrate themselves.
●Software can measure the whole spectrum curve, automatically acquire six spectral position transmittance and reflectance values, and set threshold to automatically determine the results.


application area
●Solid-state samples                ●Liquid samples
●Automotive Parts                   ●Optical elements
●Coating                                ●Filter
●Jewelry                                ●Coatings
●Various kinds of films            ●Mobile phones and flat glass
●Special glass, concentrating glass, ground glass, lenses